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Sean Speck and Mary Beth Edwards founded EMS Construction, Inc. in February of 1993 with the aim to become a leader in the San Diego construction community.  By working efficiently EMS Construction is able to provide a quality product to our clients at a reasonable cost.  Together they boast 30 years of experience in the construction world. Their expertise brings knowledge to projects not comparable to any other company.

The original goal has been met; EMS Construction is the leading Architectural Metal contractor in California, providing the most skilled service and competitive cost. EMS Construction continues to work on projects throughout California, both in Federal and State Public Works as well as the private sector. With no project too big, EMS Construction is ready and encouraged to take on new challenges and help complete a project the right way: with excellence, positive partnering communication skilled, all in a timely manner to benefit any project.

Our future is our clients.  There is no EMS Construction without future projects.  That is why EMS Construction is constantly working to grow and learn from every project and situation possible, to continue providing stellar construction services and meet the needs of a modern world.  EMS Construction recognizes the emerging importance of sustainable design and is proud to include the implementation of sustainable building tools and strategies as a part of our construction services.

About our company

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